Friday, April 15, 2011

The Orioles picked up a new fan this season.

I love this kid. =)

Now believe it or not, the O's started the season winning games, so when we were offered tickets, we jumped at the opportunity to see them during the hot streak. But then, after one home run, we realized the girls enjoy the game much more when nobody is screaming, howling or scoring runs for our team. The O's, realizing the danger of ostracizing their cutest fans, aimed for the Ranger's mitts until we left in the 5th and then homer-ed for the win. Win, win.
Anyway, the real reason we go to the games is to enjoy the extracurriculars:

These and cotton candy = they love going to Orioles' games.


  1. that is very fun! what cute girls :)

  2. love the braids.
    love R's shoes.
    LOVE all 3 of those kids!