Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anna went down for her nap last Monday afternoon and she usually cries for a minute and then whimpers for a minute and then is asleep. This time, she cried for a minute and then silence. I sprang to her crib, to discover this:

A closer look confirms, her thumb's in there.
So maybe the NUK pacifier is a good thing- you can always throw that away. Her thumb is attached.

We went down to MD this weekend to spend some time with Chris' folks. Here's Anna enjoying her great-Grandmom.

We took Anna to her first theatrical play there, The Miracle Worker. She stared at some lights most of the time and saw about as much of the play as Helen... Okay, bad joke. Really though, she behaved very well and made it through the whole play with just one diaper intermission.
This past Monday morning, Chris had another run-in with a truck and trailer. The guy pulling the trailer was parked next to Chris and as he pulled away, he took the front door of Chris' Jeep with him. Bummer is right. Deja vu? (Chris had his foot run over and broken by a truck pulling a trailer in February...) Chris is taking it okay. In fact, if you see him driving by in the rented (keyword) brand new Silverado, extended cab and everything cool, you probably would think he's pretty happy.
Here are some pictures I took while getting Anna dressed one day.


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    What a cutie! I second that bummer about Chris' car. Hey I'm gonna link this hot blog to Jonesville :)--Jonesey


    Seriously, we needed a "Calvary Bloggers' directory. heh, heh.

    These pics of Anna are SO CUTE! Loving them!