Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's been two weeks so lots of pictures to post. I'll be here all night. We went down to Georgia for the week of Thanksgiving to spend time with all the Moultons. Here's Anna reading 1776 with Dad before her first flight.

We had fun taking Anna on the plane. She actually slept most of the way. She did have one dirty diaper, of which Dad did the honors in the tiny lavatory, but thankfully no blowouts above the clouds.

Here are Grandma, Aunts Hannah and Jenny, and Anna reading books Monday morning. Introducing scales to the girl who has yet to earn her ABC's.
Naptime in Aunt Hannah's arms.

Bath time with Jenny! Aren't they cute? Just five years between aunt and niece.

Okay- I started this post Sunday night and now it has turned Wednesday and it still isn't finished. I realize that grandparents are checking this daily at least, so there has been disappointments all around. My apologies- however, I will say that I have been trying- this post refused to upload pictures for awhile. I finally wheedled the site to take some, but even those took a long time with several tries and lots of coaxing. Now the site flat out refuses to have anymore pics loaded. It's like feeding peas to a baby, or worse still, to Chris. So that is my defense. I'll go ahead and put this up and work on a new post.


  1. Hey Schwartz's,

    Cute pictures--are those little girls your sisters, Missy?

    So cute!

  2. Yeppers, there is a 20 year span from my older brother to my youngest sister...
    I saw the pictures of your sweet boys the other day- the one of Bridger in front of the fireplace is great!

  3. There are 6 years between me and my Aunt Jenny (my mom is 3rd out of 7). We always have had a great relationship.

    You and Hannah look identical!!!