Sunday, March 04, 2007

We had another wedding this past weekend. My college roommate was marrying one of Chris' good friends so most of our best friends of college days were all invited. It was great. We even got a three day weekend with Dad included in this deal because Chris took Friday off work as the wedding was out by Pittsburgh.

Anna was a big help to me packing on Friday morning.

The trip took us five hours plus an unplanned hour detour, at which point Mom had a meltdown, but we still arrived at the rehearsal before it started. Whew!
Anna had her oatmeal with Dad at the rehearsal, a diaper change in the church pew, a dress put on in the car trunk, her pears at the rehearsal dinner, and a nap under a table. Talk about a flexible baby. She was really good.
Mom was a handful, especially after two strawberry daiquiris. People who know me know just how ridiculously much I am kidding. They had no alcohol. However, I did get really sick at the dinner and we had to change some plans. We were planning on staying with Chris' aunt, but her home was an hour from the wedding site so we had to cancel our visit. We stayed at a hotel in the area and there was a jacuzzi tub in our room. Anna had the most fun of her life! We filled it up and got in with her and showed her how to splash- that could have been a mistake for future bathtime sake. She splashed with her little arms for over an hour and loved it! Obviously, no pictures for you. When we dried her off, she was almost asleep before we had pajamas on her and she slept in until 9:30. It was decadent.

Wedding day for Dan and Julie! We went down for breakfast at the hotel and many of our college friends were there. Anna entertained us by eating a banana, just off the banana, not smashed and spoon-fed. We tried to give her some bagel, but she gave us the biter-biscuit face. Then I went to get ready with Julie and b-maids and Dad and Anna spent time with some of our friends until the wedding.
The wedding was at 2PM, the bride looked beautiful and Anna slept through the ceremony on Uncle Mav.

The reception was great- five hours with so many good friends. Anna had a highchair and the waitstaff brought her chicken tenders and fries. She spent some time with Mom at the head table enjoying some ABC roll, if you know what I mean. Anna did really well getting passed around.

Chris and I enjoyed getting time to talk to our friends, and sometimes each other, while other people played with Anna.

All of my bridesmaids, except my two sisters, were at the wedding!

And ten of Chris' twelve best buds were also in attendance.

After the bride and groom left, people started dancing on tables. People, as in Anna only. She looked awful cute doing it.

Also, after the reception, the guys of the original Charlie & Co. had a chance to sing together. They sang Amazing Grace and I have most of it recorded, but I'm having trouble posting it. I will keep trying.

So, then we split and headed for home. Anna slept most of the car ride, so was cheerful when we got home. But it was 2, as in the morning. =( She went back down but was up 3:30, 4:30, 5:00, 7:00 and from there, I don't even remember. This afternoon, Chris and I took naps while Anna played/cried/slept in her crib. This evening, I took another nap while Chris and Anna hung out. So, I think we are all caught up with sleep and ready for the week.

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  1. Grandmom & Opa10:28 PM

    What wonderful pictures! The video is great, too. Anna looks like the party life agrees with her. And how pretty she looks in the dress! Of course her smile just captures the whole picture and our hearts! Thanks for sharing.