Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The best part about the first day of spring is not the snow still on the ground, but the ice. This ice.

I'm so glad Rita's is open again! Last summer, she was key to getting through the last trimester of pregnancy. Anna is seriously half made of Rasberry Lemonade Gelati.
As soon as Chris is home and we have dinner, this is where we'll be headed.


  1. Sigh. I miss Ritas. No water ice down here. You'd think in Texas they'd be all over that stuff. If we had the $ we'd open a franchise....

  2. We saw lots of lines there on our way back from the city. Did you also know that Dunkin' Donuts had free iced coffee today? I know you're not a coffee person, but anywho.

  3. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I had some Italian ice for lunch today only it was watermelon.
    Aunt Katie

  4. Bummer! I wish I would have checked this sooner 'cause I know some Jones boys who would have eaten that up!!!

    Maybe when the snow melts....

  5. Sad news! We went after dinner, as planned, and we waited in line, not too long, but when we were a couple people away from the front, THEY RAN OUT! =( No more water ice, sorry, come and buy some tomorrow. Bummer downer and a half.
    So we went to Wawa and got a slurpee. Fanta Cherry Wawa slurpees comprised the other half of Anna's pre-natal make-up anyway.
    Take that Rita.