Saturday, April 07, 2007

Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O.....and on and on and on...
We have a new toy in the house. And Anna knows well how to pull the gate that spins the windmill that starts the melody that makes us crazy. Just kidding, we're okay. She likes the farm very much:

Monday this week, Chris' parents came up for the day. Here are some pictures of Anna opening her Easter basket with them.

Chris' folks took us out for dinner that evening and Anna had an appetizer of ribs and the chicken sandwich- she really did! She did have to share, but not by choice. We've been introducing more complex foods to her this week and she's liking it. This morning, Anna had herself some buttermilk pancakes. Mmm mm good.

So, what else? Oh, the other day, Chris phoned from work and said he was on his way home, early!!!, and I said "Woohoo!". Anna thought it was SO funny so I said it over and over to get her to laugh really hard.

She's still not crawling, forward, but she is looking cute in her efforts.


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    She looks like her Aunt Jenny when she breaks into hysterics.
    Love Aunt KAtie

  2. Missy, I think I've watched the laughing video maybe 8 or 10 times. I made Andrew watch it too!

    Katie, I thought she looked like Jenny too! It's funny whose traits you can spot in a baby.

    PS..We're having a white-ish Easter in Ohio.
    Love, Aunt Manda

  3. Oh! I forgot to say we bought a Pack-n-Play yesterday and it's already set up in the guest room. I know we did it really early, but I wanted to make sure I didn't need a degree in childhood plastics to put the thing together. I wonder if I can make Andrew sit in it, then I'll always know where he is...

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Grandmom & Opa say -
    . . . more videos, please! We love to watch Anna in action. We had a wonderful time with her this past Monday and suffer from Anna-withdrawal as soon as we leave! Oh, and we miss her parents, too.

  5. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Aunt Katie says
    I see she still has those glasses.
    She is so cute and the Schwartz are right we need more movies