Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today was a busy day. The day started at 7AM. But it's Saturday. I know, that's what I said too. Anna doesn't have a weekend schedule. Anyhow- 7AM: Everybody up, even Dad. 7:30: Dad to men's breakfast, Mom to kitchen, Anna to highchair. 8AM: Play time, E-I-E-I-O. 9:30AM: Naptime, short lived. 10AM: More playtime- Welcome to SmartStreet...turn the dial!. 11AM: Mom doing chores, Anna demanding more playtime. Chaos. 11:30: Anna banished to crib. Peace. Noon: Dad home, church lawn cut, Anna's lunch. 1PM: Our lunch. 2PM: Anna nap. 3PM: Montgomeryville Mall. Dad 100% loved shoe shopping with Mom. 6PM: CompUSA going out of business sale, Dad gets xbox game to reward shoe shopping behavior. 7PM: Mom starts Anna's dinner, baby not eating, Dad takes over, baby eats. 8PM: West Avenue Grille, given menus. 8:30PM Chris finds manager to take order. 9PM: Anna eats half of Mom's dinner. 9:30PM: Free desserts courtesy of MIA waitress. Mom eats her dessert. 9:50PM: People at table behind order same dessert as Mom, marvel at how HUGE it is, ask if others want to share, couldn't possibly finish alone, blah blah blah. 10PM: Home, Goodnight Anna, hello couch and blog.

About Anna's eating at the Grille- she "ate and ate and ate and ate, until at last, [she] said in a rather sticky voice, "I must be going."" (She didn't really talk, but she did eat as much as Winnie the Pooh) She ate tomatoes, strawberries, honeydew, watermelon, chicken and bread.
Also, Anna had her first bite of pizza today- she didn't have any of those toppings- just the dough and sauce.

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  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Anna smart street is a baby toy and your uncle Rob never let me play with it.
    Love aunt Katie