Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Last night, Chris and I were at the dinner table and Anna was playing on the floor with toys. I looked over and she was clapping her hands! I'll have to get a picture up soon, but she is napping right now. Anyhow, this morning, she was playing on the floor again and I looked over and she was putting the rings back on the stacking toy- she always takes them off, and throws them over her shoulder, but this was the first time she ever put them back on. So, she's learning new things.
She is super mobile now. She used to just follow me around the apt, but now even when I'm in the same room as her, she'll take off. See ya, Mom.
Other news- apartment search...
Okay, we found a place that we really like. It has everything that we were looking for, all new...a dishwasher without blue and a half room with lots of Pottery Barn Kids potential...closets galore...a patio and picnic table for our virgin grill...central air...I really want this cute place. So, our application is in, it is first in line and we are currently hounding the real estate office to monitor the process. I already have the whole place furnished and decorated in my mind...Okay, stop, reality check- we don't have it yet. Settle yourself writer. There may be some problems with the landlord-realtor comm lines and we may have been given some incorrect information which would throw a wrench in the whole deal. So, for the time being, I'm going to get a grip and keep calling around until it's a signed lease. We'll keep you posted...


  1. Yay!!! I hope it works out.
    (I TOTALLY know what you mean about mentally moving in)

  2. That sounds perfect, Missy! I really, really hope it works out for you guys. Where is it?

  3. It's on Limekiln, across from the firehouse. The current family says they hardly hear the sirens if the windows are closed...and we'll never worry about the place burning down. =)

    Update- there's no update. Still waiting...thumb twiddle, thumb twiddle.

  4. A convenient location! Sounds awesome. We're praying that you get it.