Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here's what's going on:
Apartment, didn't work out. The realtor indeed was misleading us. =( We were disappointed but we have a few leads on some other places and we'll see how those pan out.

Much more importantly, we have Anna's fever down, a diagnosis for it, and she's doing better. She had woke up with this fever Thursday morning- 103.8 which seemed really high at the time. The Dr's office said to keep her on tylenol and come in Saturday if she still had it. She was pretty much herself through the day. Friday she started acting sick, then in the evening her fever went up to 104.5, and that seemed high, at the time. We talked to the doc and he said to switch to motrin and come in the next morning. She was up a lot last night, just feeling uncomfortable, and when she woke up at 5AM, she was burning up. Her temp was 105.3. So, we went into the ER immediately, and they determined she has the coxsackie virus plus an ear infection that may or may not be related to the virus. Anna has little ulcers in the back of her throat from the virus, poor baby girl. They gave her tylenol and amoxicillin and had us wait an hour until her fever came down some before discharging her. So, we're doing both motrin and tylenol to keep her fever at bay. If the ear infx is from a bug, the amox should help. There's only supportive treatment for the virus- so it's just going to run its course and hopefully clear up in this next week. We've just got to stay on top of that fever.
Anna's been spending most the day asleep on one of us. It's tough getting her to eat because her throat is so sore. =( She's supposedly contagious to other kids for the next few days so we've cancelled all activities and will be holing up around here. We did take her for a short walk today to get a little fresh air as she's been cooped up since Thursday, and she chirped up a bit being outside.
So, that's that.

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  1. Poor baby! No fun. Hope she gets to feeling better quickly!