Thursday, May 03, 2007

The weather's been fantastic of late and we've been enjoying it. Here's Anna and Grandpa having blueberry muffins yesterday morning before we headed outdoors.

We went to Chestnut Hill and strollered down the old sidewalks looking at the shops and lovely stone buildings. We walked all the way down to Chestnut Hill College to see its beautiful campus and then turned around to retrace our steps and find one missing pink sock. Anna enjoyed her view from the stroller and Grandpa's arms. We saw some geese and called them ducks to see if Anna would say duck, but nope. Partway back to the car we stopped at a produce market and Anna had her first taste of blackberries. Mom's white shirt commemorates that fact. Anna fell asleep on Grandpa on the rest of the walk back. Here's the tuckered out girl.

Then today, Anna and I ran a few errands and then stopped at the park here before coming home. She loved it.

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