Monday, November 12, 2007

Well howdy there. These posts are growing a little infrequent, I know. But I'll just start out with a cute picture to make up for it.

Feel better? I do.
Well, busy is the word of the month. Beginning in October, I started working for LandsEnd, three weeknights and Saturdays. The other two weeknights I tutor. The other weeknights I update this blog.
On Wednesday, I started feeling the baby kick. Those little kicks send your mind into maternal daydream world, so I'm warning you, we're operating at 50%. And that's 50% of whatever brain capacity I was at before. So add up your percentages and watch out for typos.

Onto more pictures. Anna's morning hair.

Alphabet magnets! She's getting into it.

She learned how to open our trash bin this past week. The following were deemed trash by Anna- my shoe, the letter F, blocks T and L, several snack bowls, and a fabric flower. So, the rule is- check before you chuck, to see what Anna's put in.
So, what else?
This morning, I checked online to see when Anna's jacket would arrive. The UPS site said "Delivered." Really? To my house? So, I looked outside the door and no package. I looked back at the screen and it said, "Location: Frt Door". Oh. So, I went to the front door and there it was. It was sort of strange that the UPS site was more aware of my immediate surroundings than I. That UPS man must not have knocked.
Anyhow, Anna looked a little puffalumpy in her jacket so I had to take a picture. As soon as I picked up the camera, she started saying, "Cheese....cheese...chee-eese." She is saying so in this very picture.


  1. I hope you're not busy, I'm about to call you!

  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    You know that if she can put stuff in the trash can, then she can pull stuff out. Anna, sorry but from experince trash does not always taste good and it is for your health that you do not eat it.
    Love Aunt Katie