Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This week, we mourn the loss of a dearly loved friend. Mr. Morning Nap passed away unexpectedly (and with no warning!) this past Sunday. Mom is having a pretty hard time with it, but Anna is coping well. I just never realized what a great joy Morning Nap was to me and didn't know how much I'd miss him. =(
This morning, Anna was so good though in playing by herself with her books and toys for a full 45 minutes in her room, so mom could
A) do dishes
B) do laundry
C) mop the floor

Haha, none of the above, mom laid down. I am pregnant, you know.

Anna is gaining new interests in her toys. She understands how to do the puzzles and though she can't get the pieces in every time, it's a new challenge and entertains her in a novel way.
She also digs these finger puppets.

Putting shapes in. When she gets them in, the applause is deafening.

Dad started a little project for Anna's room this weekend. He's turning some plain ol' pieces of trim into something darling cute. I'll wait to take pictures until he's finished painting it. =)

Anna was project supervisor.

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  1. Wills had morning naps killed early on as what seems to be part of a much more sinister plan, the killing of ALL naps everywhere! Already there have been days when naps suspiciously have vanished. The true victim however is not the nap but there nothing we can do. Probably not, kids grow up so fast.