Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Press release:
Anna will be getting glasses soon. One eye has been turning in off and on since Christmas time and the opthalmalogist has determined it to be far-sightedness. She's getting some attention over it too. On Monday, the Annapolis Capital interviewed us for their story on children in glasses. The article will be published in the Thursday paper and available online. I don't know how much the interview with us will be a part of the story but I'll post a link Thursday morning.

In local news, the hospital is having a hard time fitting me in their schedule, but as of now I am supposed to deliver on Saturday the 19th. I'm to be notified if there are any cancellations before then...right. It's like getting your hair done I guess.

In health news, Dad is down with a fever and aches. Anna is teething and is something of a bear. Mom is 37 weeks pregnant and also showing signs of bearness. The perfect storm is gathering...


  1. Charlie asked today if Anna could come play. "Where is she?" he kept asking, "I want to play with her." :(
    Miss you guys. She'll have to come visit sporting those new shades and all... I'm sure that will only increase Charlie's interest in Anna.

  2. Anna is so darn cute! And I can't wait to see her glasses. How fun, you're famous!

  3. We'll be there in 390 hours....14 days and 6 hours! Do you want me to get on the horn with the hospital and tell them that I want to see my new niece ASAP, and not wait till out next trip to MD? I'll do it, you know I would. Hehe. I hope you're comfortable these last few days, stay healthy!

    Ok, I'm bluffing. I won't call the hospital.

  4. jason8:24 AM

    Woah! Just a tip for you three bears: When you head out for your "baby appointment" watch out for a young blonde girl trying to take over your house.

  5. Thanks for the tip Jason.
    Our sleep number bed is gonna throw her for a loop.