Thursday, April 03, 2008

Here is the story with Anna!
Annapolis Capital Lifestyle Page

Uh yeah, cosmetics reasons? I didn't say it like that...the reporter asked if I was concerned about how Anna would look in glasses. I said not at all- she'd be darling and she needs the glasses not only for vision, but to mechanically straighten her eye.

We ordered Anna's glasses yesterday and they should be here in five days. Next week is going to be crazy for this little gal:
Monday- Big girl bed to be delivered.
Wednesday- Big girl glasses to come in.
Saturday- Big sister status to be established!

They moved my delivery date up to the 12th! I'm excited to meet this baby girl, and in only 9 more days! Really, 8 1/2. Which we round down to 8. So a week! A WEEK!
I am so glad to have the end in sight- the baby is transverse because the placenta prevents her from turning head down and it ain't comfy. Not that any baby position is comfy at 37 weeks, but I can deal for another week.

Another thing- I am having the hardest time finding bedding I like for Anna's big girl bed. Usually I adore all things PBK, but I'm not into the colors or patterns they have for this year. I've looked at JC Penney, Sears, Target, Walmart, Land of Nod, Company Store Kids, Warm Biscuit, eBay...where else?


  1. Fun story! And cute pic! Did you get your hair cut? I like it. :)
    Sounds like you have some major big girl action going on at your house. Let us know what you find for bedding! Unfortunately I have no ideas for you.

  2. :::AHEM:::
    No I have to spill the beans. I have a pink and green alphabet quilt for you, it's the one 'giftie thing' I've been talking about lately. It's big enough for a twin bed...I think. Maybe I'll post a pic!

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