Thursday, April 10, 2008

Backyard flower pickings on a dandy spring day.

This is Anna in her glasses. =) She is doing well with them. We are at an 85% wearage time through the day. It's cute when she takes them off for some reason and holds them up to her face until she finds one of us to put the temples back behind her ears. We haven't been back to her opthalmologist yet, but I believe the glasses are helpful based on how much she likes wearing them.
Little baby is set to make her entrance this Saturday. We had the last u/s today and everything looks good, other than that placenta placement, but whatever, I'm over it. So, we're down to 38.5 hours. Everything is ready at home. Chris is going to switch the chest and cradle places, but I think that is it. The newborn clothes are all washed and folded. The cradle sheets are on. The swaddler diapers are in the caddy. The announcements are made, envelopes addressed, stamped. Give me a task or I shall run mad.(what's that from??) Tomorrow is going to crawl by... I wish my fabric would arrive. I ordered two different fabrics for the couch pillow covers. One came in last week and I made two covers, but Joann just won't give up the other one. Maybe I'll try to make a bolster with these remnants. And I'm going to try welted cording. That should keep me busy, and probably frustrated enough to distract me from looking at the clock.
Well, it's five and hopefully Chris will be home soon to enjoy this fantastic weather with us. Ooh, I think I'll make chocolate chip cookies. There's something worthwhile to do.
Next post should have some cute baby pictures...! =)


  1. 38.5 hours, and by now it's even less than that! Anna looks just as darling as I'd suspected. Now she'll be able to seee her Aunt Manda and Uncle Roo next week! I hope tomorrow flies by for you. : D

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Well the baby is just around the corner and you need to decide on the final name. Fun, now it has to be something that all your family can say correctly so keep out any r's :)
    love aunt Katie

  3. We'll be praying for a smooth delivery! Wish we lived closer so we could meet the new little one. Anna looks sweet in her new glasses. Oh and your well used quote is from the fabulous Sense and Sensibility.