Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today we visited a wonderful little town called Storyville, an adorable preschooler world in the Rosedale Public Library. My friend, Heather, read about it online (and you can too) and we made plans to check it out this morning. It was supposed to be about 25min from us, but a treasonous act by Garmin left us in an unsavory area of Baltimore- Anna: "What's that?" (pointing at a blinking neon sign complete with silhouette on the side of a building) Me: "Uh...a misnomer. Gentlemen do not go there." Yes, that kind of unsavory. At this point, we dispatched an SOS to Heather and she got us out of there quick. FYI: there are two Kenwood Avenues and the one in Baltimore is not the one you want. The library's website lists the address as Baltimore, but GPS considers it Rosedale, and you should too.
Anyway, this place was AWESOME. It is only for children up to five. There must be a parent with each child. The kids have to pick up the things they play with so the place isn't wrecked. Library workers walk around with Clorox wipes, sanitizing things. There are relevant books incorporated with every play station. Only 60 people are allowed in at a time so it isn't crowded. You can stay in as long as you want. The coat room had a glider for nursing and a family bathroom. It is the ideal place for the half neurotic, semi-germophobic, fully overprotective parent. In case you know anyone like that. =)
Here are some pictures:
This is the kitchen of 1 Storyville Lane. Anna was pulling the highchair over to feed the doll from the table, just like mom. And then she's checking on dinner.
Living room wall decor in 1 Storyville Lane. Also featuring Anna's friend Isaiah.

This is the construction zone. No hardhat required.And here is the grocery store.

The bin for oranges is empty because this shopper was intent on weighing all of them.

Over at the harbor: Anna knocked these birds from their buoy......rocked out in this dingy......and climbed through the driftwood.During all the above, Sonja surveyed from the baby bjorn. Now for the photo shoot in the Baby Garden:
Two little flowers- Sonja and Amelia.

Round inlay mirrors- endless entertainment.

It really is a great place for the kids. We were there for almost two hours, only played in half of the areas, and took 71 pictures. If you're anywhere close, you should check it out. And if you do, we're up for going again anytime!


  1. That looks so fun!

  2. That looks AWESOME!! Amelie will be 5 in three months, so we should check it out soon. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks amazing!!! Count us in for a playdate!

  4. We had so much fun! Thanks for coming out with the girls!

  5. That looks like so much fun. If Rock hadn't woken up with ANOTHER runny nose yesterday I would take him out there today!