Friday, December 12, 2008

My very favorite family tradition each year is going to cut our Christmas tree. This year we headed up to the Mason-Dixon line to a little place called Applewood Farms. Straddling the state line, this farm has reindeer on the PA side! (Apparently reindeer are illegal in MD. That law must have been enacted by grandmas.) Their reindeer "herd" was only three strong, but still, it was neat to see them. They also had a barn with ducks, pigs, goats and donkeys to pet and a little pony for riding! This was Anna's kind of place for tree cutting.

After lots of fun, we remembered about the tree. Here we are being pulled out to the field:

After some searching, we found a skinny tree to suit our spot and Dad went to work.

The friendly farmer folk hauled our tree back to the barn for us and we took another spin in the John Deere. We warmed up with hot cider and cocoa and made for home just as the snow started to fall. It was very nice. =)


  1. What happy memories! Your farm looks a little classier than ours. Jones was hoping for your kinda farm. Ours had a petting zoo, too which included a Llama named George. That's what you get South of the Mason Dixon.

  2. Aw Jonesey. Your comment made me feel a little sheepish. Okay, for the record and anyone reading comments....I didn't include all the details. I left out everything about miswriting the directions, the GPS being out of battery with the charger in the other car, only finding the farm because oncoming cars occasionally had trees on them, the potty chair episodes both on the side of the highway and in the parking lot, the spilled cider all over Anna and myself, three sets of very cold feet, some hard tears from Anna...
    But, we do have memories and *most* of them were happy.

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I want to ride the pony, and did you know that the male reindeer loose their antlers in the winter, but the females don't.
    love aunt katie

  4. I was going to write...that is the type of holiday memory that you only read about in books or other people's blogs.

    But then I read your comment....I guess you guys are pretty normal. ;o) Looks like a great time.

  5. I notice you often dress the girls in pink. I think you can get Steeler clothing for girls in pink.:>)

  6. Dear Sir,
    This is not a good time...