Friday, December 05, 2008

Okay, the girls are both asleep so let's see how much I get posted.
Firstly, Roadtrip with a toddler and an infant....surprisingly fun. Really, we were surprised. We were expecting some drama, but it was pretty calm and quiet. Anna's favorite things to do are read, talk, listen to music, play dolls, and all these things can be done in the car so she was fine. Sonja had it a little rougher, (no nursing in a moving vehicle), but her carseat faced Anna so she was mostly content when awake, and she slept the majority of the drive anyway. My favorite thing is to talk to the husband so I was happy. And Chris' favorite thing is to drive really fast so he was thrilled. JUST KIDDING. He likes hanging out with us so it was a fun trip for him too.

On our way down we stopped in NC for an extended lunch with the Hughes- our retired pastor from college days and his wife- and that was just wonderful.
And in Georgia, we had a great time. The girls just love their aunts and uncles:

On Thanksgiving day, we were all intrigued by the deep-fried turkey experiment:
The skeptics.
The crazies.

For the record, that bird was real good.
And these two set a lovely table
Alright the girls are up. More later.


  1. Looks like a FABULOUS trip! I am not a big fan of roadtrips, so I am really impressed that you made the best of it even with two tiny ones.

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