Sunday, February 01, 2009

1- bathroom in our home.
2- nights Anna slept in our bed.
3- combined total of hours the parentals slept during those nights.
4- persons in our home knocked out by a stomach virus.
5- times I caught a child's throw up in my hands.
6- cups of grape flavored pedialyte consumed.
7- hours I've stewed about a regurgitated pedialyte purple stain on the rug.
8- loads of laundry churned out since Thursday (and still waiting to be folded.)
9- miles a minute Anna is talking now that she is feeling better.
10- stars for Chris for working from home most of Friday, staying up two nights in a row and still working Saturday, and for being superman.
So we came down with a little stomach bug. For the first time in our parenthood, both our children were vomiting at the same time. Thursday night it hit Anna, Sonja then me in the span of three hours. That night was insane- with three tummies sick, any given ten minute interval involved someone's contracting. Sonja and I got over it within 24 hours, but Anna was out until late last night and had us pretty worried for awhile. Then, this morning, just as we were cleaning up the last of Pukefest '09 decor, Chris decided to keep the party going a little longer. Poor guy.
Anyway, I had kind of thought I would start the new year in February, to make up for missing the boat in January, but that plan was tossed down the toilet, so to speak. I guess '09 is the year of behind.
We had a great week prior to getting sick though- my best friend from college was down from Philly on Saturday, we had a family from church for dinner that night and then Chris spent the night in DC with a couple college buddies. Sunday morning, we all met up at church, the guys came back to our house and Bryce made an incredible lunch for us all. Monday was laundry day, only semi fun. And Tuesday thru Wednesday we three girls went to Philadelphia to visit with old friends.

Big Sonja and Mark.

Mav and Bryce.

Bagging, with care.

Sleepy Sonja melting Mav's heart.

Up in Philly, Sonja and Anna Kate, her favorite baby, ever.

She seriously LOVES Anna Kate.

All the kiddos, except for Amelie.

And, Em, I just realized that Josie is in this picture, albeit in the clutches of the chair of death:

Okay, back to re-ordering this home.


  1. Aw! You poor guys. I hope all is much better this week. And how sweet of you to call me in the midst of all that. I'm sorry I missed you. We'll catch up soon.

  2. Oh, O am so sorry that you had to go through all that and I am extremely glad to hear that you all survived!

    The last picture had me laughing out loud, I hope no Josie's were harmed in the process :)

    I was pretty jealous of the Livs' playdate until I heard what they shared!

  3. Ug! So glad you guys are feeling better! Tell Sonja that Anna Kate says hi. :)