Monday, February 16, 2009

On Friday, we hit up Columbia Mall for two firsts:

Anna had her first haircut! Thomas the Tank Engine entranced her whilst the stylist spent two minutes evening up her little wisps. Anna remembers nothing but Thomas.

Then we met up with Chris' parents and, after the food court (where Sonja threw a fit because she wanted fries...) she had her first ride on the carousel!



  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    look she already takes after me. the riding on the horse not the fries.
    love aunt katie

  2. Sarah Moulton12:35 PM

    I can't believe that is Anna's first hair cut. I guess girls hair is a different then boys! We had to cut Wills hair a long time ago. We need a finished product picture.

  3. Honestly, you can't really tell the difference. The lady trimmed the back, which was getting v-shaped and she layered a tiny bit. Seriously- the scissors touched her hair eight times. I'm going to try to cut it myself next time, maybe. I have no confidence as a barber though...

  4. Sarah Moulton6:03 PM

    You can do it! I cut Wills and Nicks hair and I don't really have any idea what I am doing. Her hair looks a little wavy as well so maybe it will be forgiving.