Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got out of the shower to this:I didn't even know she could open the fridge...


  1. I had the same issue with Andrew: a puddle of BBQ sauce here, some salad dressing over there... hehe

    At least she was trying to refill her juice cup...shows some independence and thought processing!

  2. Sarah Moulton10:14 AM

    oh yes that looks very familiar. Independance comes with a price :)Sometimes I spend just an extra minutes in the shower preparing myself for the kaos when I get out. It is actually a lot worse if I leave Nick and Wills home alone. I am sure to return to a happy and messy home.
    Oh btw I am still in shock that you put Sonja to bed at 6:30!!! I can't imagine that working in my life. Although the time with Nick would be nice. I am not a morning person so the the 5:30 morning thing wouldn't work for me. More power to you though! That's great.

  3. I know that's early- it's way earlier than we ever put Anna down, but as soon as we're done with dinner, Sonja wants bed. She just melts down. It is usually 6:15-30am wakeup and that's when Chris gets up anyhow. But we all are usually up before 7, just some of us are less cheerful...
    Anna goes down sometime between 8-9 so there is a good hour or two of time for just us with her. And that's good for her. And then I thrive on the kid-free-time after she's asleep, explaining why I'm not cheerful at 7...

  4. Anonymous3:30 PM

    when i first saw the picture i thought it was potty, but be happy that it wasn't.
    Love aunt katie

  5. This opens up a whole new can of adventures....

  6. "preparing myself for the kaos"

    KAOS as we all know is evil organization bent on extinguishing the torch of liberty. Isn't that right agent 99.

  7. I believe so, Agent 86.

    I can't believe you remember that.

  8. Enjoyed reading your blog again - and the comments from your friends. Started my week off with some humor and fond memories of your family.
    Thanks - you just keep giving. :)

  9. Fabulous. Sorry I haven't checked this for so long. What's wrong with me?