Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A contracter at Chris' work gave him tickets to Monday night's Orioles game so we packed a million snacks to appease the girls and headed up to Camden Yards. We had some extra tickets so fellow grover Steve and his fiance joined us. Nitrate overload. I had no part in this.

At inning 6, we moved over to an empty-ish area so the girls could run around. We were still in foul ball territory though so Chris and I, okay mostly me, were in hyperactive hyperdrive every crack of the bat. I just wanted to be close enough to get between the ball and my kid's head, you know. And it's not like you have a lot of time to get there. Stressing me out just remembering it. Anyway.

We left during the 8th inning. The O's were losing. It was way late for the girls. We got out to car and realized Anna's pink Oriole monkey, Markakis, was still watching the game...(She had just got him at last week's game and he is her new VERY FAVORITE EVER stuffed animal.) So, Chris took a little jog, returned with the monkey and we went home.


  1. Funny!

    We went to a Lookouts game last night and every ball that came our way made my heart race, although the boys had their gloves on. I'm sure they would've caught it.

    hyperactive hyperdrive :)
    I love a well placed Toy Story reference.

  2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    did anna choose the monkey's name or was it already named when she got it?
    love aunt katie

  3. Markakis is a key player on the Baltimore team. I'm not sure how the monkey acquired the name- probably from Chris- but it sure sounds cute when she says "MAR-CAKE-ISS" instead of "MAR-KAY-KISS"...

  4. Does Chris have another shirt or has doing laundry taking a back seat?

  5. another keen observation - all i can say is that it's a good thing that we didn't post pictures from friday also

  6. Anna got the monkey, Chris got the shirt. Both are new VERY FAVORITES EVER. Obviously.