Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is Birdland.

Chris and Anna at the Orioles' game last night.

They went with Chris' dad and our good friend JT. I stayed home with Sonja, who went to sleep ten minutes after they left, so I had almost 6 hours to myself! I was pretty excited about it for the first hour...then I was ready for them to come home. I'm a people person, I like the people. Or more so, a Chris person. I like my evening hang out time with the man. However, with screen support from Steve McQueen, I left off my couch slumping and put some time into projects.

Anyway, I need to log an update on Sonja:

We had her one-year check up last week. She isn't on the chart for weight. We feed her ice cream every night.

She is walking around a bit, but still crawls everywhere. The most I've counted is five steps in a row. Her first tooth- bottom right- came on tax day. Her second- top left- came three days later. The other five are bulging the seams. She'll have a whole smile by next week.

She says- Hi, Mama, Dada, Anna, All done, Help, GROWL (what does the tiger say?), Duck and quack quack. Her main form of communication though is a series of whines and "Eh" sounds.

She is a mama's girl. On Sundays, I stay with her in the nursery for the sake of everyone.

She is Anna's constant follower and part-time antagonist. They do play well together 75% of the time. The remaining quarter is usually Sonja trying to take everything Anna looks at. Sometimes vice versa.

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