Friday, June 26, 2009

Well here we are long about knee deep in June...

We're having a nice and busy summer. Anna started swim classes and that's been fun for just her and I to do something together. Chris is still playing tennis, softball and frisbee most every week. Sonja is close to running. The girls and I go for runs with the jogger a few times a week. It's just nice being outside before the heat gets oppressive.

Earlier this month, our dear friends from KY finally gave in and moved near us. =) Another couple friends were engaged. Another couple friends were married. Chris finished his pre-req classes for his master's. June's been a happenin' month.

I took a quiz on Facebook yesterday, don't judge me, to see "Which Famous Couple Are [We] Most Like" with the result of John and Abigail Adams. (For the record, I have taken two quizzes in my entire Facebook's not like that.) Anyway, I was saying so because...Chris went by himself to Canada, we stayed home. The girls and I go to the beach in a few weeks, without Chris. Chris then goes to the beach with the guys, without us. During the week- I go to Bible study, he's home. I go to coffee, he's home. He goes to dinner, I'm home. Etc, etc and so on. We promise, things are not on the rocks. It's just the way of life for people like John and Abigail...well sorta. It's not like he's going to France for years. And I don't have to worry about smallpox.


I don't have too many pics of late.

Here is Sonja laying one on a Kentucky boy. =)

When Chris was in Canada, we recovered and added padding to the jogger cushions:

And this is the "before pic." I had already taken the other cushion apart to use as a template. Anna and Sonja practicing synchronized begging. The IOC is considering adding the sport to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Anna and Sonja plan to compete.

And one last thing- this morning, I halved a biscuit recipe. I realized after I poured in the buttermilk, that I had forgotten the sugar. In the heat of the moment, I added the whole recipe amount of sugar. So, basically, we had buttermilk shortbread at breakfast. And it is evident in the girls' energy level. We better get ourselves to a park...


  1. So, you just happended to recover the stroller seats while your hubby was out of the country?!? You're wondermom.

    Breakfast sounds like it was yummy in your house today. Too bad I didn't read your post earlier...we could use a little park time too.

  2. Again, I haven't checked this in awhile so I'll have a lot of comments. And again, the seats look great! You are a master!