Monday, June 01, 2009

We returned from Georgia Tuesday last week. (Chigger free- that is important.) It was very restful and laid back. So much so that it has taken us five days to get back into our old groove. Here are photos:
Sonja getting to know Hunter dog.
Anna helping Uncle Rob sweep the floor.Wii bowling.

Chess with Aunt Hannah.
Feeding time at the zoo. This was Anna's favorite activity. The iron bars around the stairs comprised her cage. She spent half of our time there in her cage, asking to be fed through the bars.
Corn husking for the first time. DW dog and the look alike aunt and neice.

Warmed up to DW. The girls in Sunday best. =)
The four of us.
Sonja's first corn on the cob and she was a-happy about it.
Anna's first time strawberry picking.
So the girls had a blast there. Things were a little rough the first few days home on account of a drastic drop in the entertainment venue. I simply couldn't fill the void of four aunts, two uncles, two grandparents, two dogs and of course daddy too. But the girls are back to entertaining themselves most of the time so we're functional again.


  1. I absolutely love the picture of the four of you! It is such a great family photo!!! Glad to see you had a safe trip there and back and lots of fun in between!

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Well you know that Hunter, D.W and myself would love to come visit you in Maryland. Anytime, because it's getting humid and yucky down here.
    Love Aunt Katie

  3. Welcome home. Looks like a fabulous trip. Thanks for documenting it so well with pictures...