Friday, September 18, 2009

Blogging didn't happen last night because the laptop was in pieces, drying after Sonja poured one half glass of water on the key board. I think it's okay now...other than the fact that the current date displayed is May 15, 2005.
Anyway, before this thing fritzes for good:
This past Monday we went to the O's game one last time. Anna LOVES that Oriole bird.

Here she is being asked, "Do you like the Oriole bird?"
On Tuesday, the girls and I 95'ed it up to Philly for a day. Sonja and Havah sizing each other up.

Dem and Anna "at the beach."
Anna and Charlie. =)
Charlie opened a little umbrella and asked Anna, "Share my shade with me?" Most romantic line I've ever heard from a four year old.


  1. So sorry about the water, but you've flashed back to 4 days before I had JMurrs :) Good times.

    I'm jealous of your Philly trip!

    That looks so fun!

  2. Love the little boys line! How adorable!