Thursday, September 17, 2009

We've been doing a little biking lately.

We live pretty close to the Baltimore-Annapolis trail so this biking thing should happen often. Maybe I should make a rule that we only go to the Annapolis Mall by bike?
I do wish there were sidewalks from our house to the grocery store, library, post office. It would make running errands fun, and old fashioned feeling. As the weather gets cold, I could bundle the girls in, give them baked potatoes to hold, put hot bricks under their would be just like Laura Ingalls. Chris thinks I'm nuts, but I think I just read a lot as a kid.
Anyway, Sonja is handing me a diaper, indicating she would like the be changed. I will blog more tonight! =)


  1. pictures from Philly?

  2. Well, those were supposed to go up tonight but Sonja watered the laptop. So, depending on how well the fan works out....there will be pics from philly. Sigh....

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    umm that's not Little House books, that's the Little Woman books
    Love aunt katie

  4. Love the idea of warm potatoes to hold and hot bricks. :) My husband would think I'm nuts too. Too cute!
    Glad you are enjoying our blog!