Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our bitty baby is two months old, already.

She started rolling over from tummy to back this week.

She's got the cutest little dimple I ever did see.

We get pretty excited about these smiles. Way too excited to focus the camera...

She is settling into a predictable routine, but has yet to sleep through the night- she wakes up to nurse sometime between 2-4AM. If I went to sleep when she does, I'd be getting two 4-5 hour stretches on either side. If. I. went. to. bed.

Her sisters are very into her.

Speaking of, these two are nuts. Here they are going to sleep in the playhouse.

I think Anna gave up and crawled into her bed pretty quickly. Sonja has spent a couple nights in there. We've become pretty lax about their sleeping arrangements. Maybe a month ago, they agreed to switch bunks so Sonja sleeps on top now, when she sleeps in her bed, that is. (One evening, we went upstairs and found her on the bedroom floor, another time in the hall...) Never a dull moment.
Okay, MY bedtime. Night, folks!


  1. Rachel looks HUGE! I mean BIG- especially in those pics of her on the bed where there's nothing else to compare her size to. Tricky tricky!

  2. Look at her holding her head up! So big and strong! She is adorable, Missy!

  3. I like your idea of spelling her age with the blocks- very clever! Rachel is so beautiful and I love to see pictures of her smiles!