Monday, October 18, 2010

Welp, it is Monday and for the first time in many moons we are hitting the pavement at a dead sprint. I mean it. Except about the running part, which is metaphorical.
Our dinner for tonight is already made. I made a beef stew last night and put in the fridge overnight to allow the flavors to develop. A completely unrelated fact- we had cereal for dinner last night because the beef stew wasn't ready. Anyway, Chris was home most of this morning to meet the electrician, which meant I could take a shower in the AM and also that our house is less Twilight Zone-y. The electrician coming meant that I tidied up everywhere yesterday because you never know where an electrician might go. Additionally, having an electrician around, I didn't feel I could chat with my mother in my usual Monday fashion, so bathed the children and worked on projects until he left and I could return to standard operations.
So, my clean home, self and children, dinner already made, projects worked on Monday is probably an isolated event. Unless we always have cereal on Sundays and electricians on Mondays.
Anyway, the real reason I came on here was to put up pics for the relations. These are from a visit to a local farm last Saturday.
Anna had been asking for weeks about milking a cow. This was the best they had, but she seemed satisfied with the experience and hasn't asked since.

The girls rode horses and Sonja uncharacteristically participated and asked to be on the big horse instead of the little pony.

They had a very fun bouncy obstacle course.

The final wall was a little much for Sonja and most of the little kids, so Chris went in and tossed kids up for awhile.

The Saturday before the farm festival, in which we went to the farm on the wrong day so played at the park.

Alright then, I'm down to one kid still asleep, so things are getting crazy here.


  1. Enjoy the isolated Mondays. Or isolated Anydays. They are still rare around here=). LOVE the shot of Sonja at the bottom of the slide. You are so dear, Missy. Glad you got to feel productive today.

  2. sarah moulton5:18 PM

    yay for pictures thanks!

  3. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Yay Pictures!!! Alright Missy both girls have a good seat but tell them to keep their heels down.
    love Aunt Katie