Thursday, January 25, 2007

She's five months!
Is time flying? Yes, and yes we say that every month. The big news of the week: Anna can roll from her back to her belly! She did it once a week or so ago, but Tuesday she really got it down and now she rolls every time I put her down. I guess it is her new trick and she's proud of it. However, I'd rather her not roll over with a full tummy because that tummy inevitably becomes less full. That's a nice trick too- she knows that Mom will sprint to flip her over if she turns on her tummy right after feeding.
In other feeding news, we did premier Anna on rice cereal and she's been enjoying that for 2 1/2 weeks now (I forgot to update that on her babybook, er, blog). We were thinking of starting some vegetables over this next month. Apparently, carrots would be a super food to start off with because they are orange.
Anna is also discovering that she has lower extremities. Her playmat has a motion mode for the music and Anna knows that if she kicks, the star will play music.

She also knows that if the room flashes every few seconds, Mom is taking pictures and will stop if you quit what you were doing stare at the camera.

This past weekend, there was a bridal shower in western PA for my college roommate Julie. My friend Lizzie, Anna and I made the trip. The roads were snowy so we took the jeep and thankfully didn't slide around at all.

We stayed the night with Aunt Gloria and the clan. Uncle Bill introduced Anna to her first stuffed bear. Taxidermist stuffed that is. Anna was enamored with a stuffed goose suspended from the ceiling.

And the last item of news: Dad and Mom are tied 0:0 in The First Word game. Here's Dad teaching Anna "dada".

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