Monday, October 01, 2007

Exciting things going on round here this morning. After Chris left for work, Anna and I heard lots of sirens and they all stopped in front of our house. A man with HAZMAT on his shirt said to make sure all the windows were shut and to stay inside. Then everybody outside put gasmasks on. That means they were serious.
We live 50 yards from some big water tanks and there are random tanks around them- holding deadly noxious gases I suppose. Anyhow, more and more sirens, more and more people on our front yard. We'll just set that list of errands on the table and settle in here. They were outside for three hours, Anna and I took a nap, I woke up and looked out the window. The bomb squad vehicle was parked out there and guys in the full bomb attire were walking down the street with a bright orange bucket. The had to stop at orange cones at our driveway and some other guys, fully suited up as well, came out to them, sprayed them off with a hose and took the orange bucket. Since then, they've been packing up but the street is still closed and I'm still parked in. They have taken off their gas masks too- a good sign.
But what was in that bucket? I'll bet it was E.T.


  1. Hey Missy, My mom called and said she heard your town on the map & something about HAZMAT and so I googled it.
    scary stuff, glad you are fine!

  2. Hey Jonesey,
    Actually, that was the gassing of Saturday. Our story was a new episode on Monday. Lots of poisonous gasses going round. We found out that it was a chlorine spill. Thankfully, we were upwind the whole time.

  3. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Maybe you should have phoned home.