Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lots of updates. =)
Anna is talking up a storm. Half of it is still unknown, but she's saying new words almost everyday. She also sprouted her fourth tooth, at long last. She is looking less pirate-like everyday...her other front tooth is all the way in. =)
Last week, we went to visit my friend Sonja and her new puppy! Daisy was laying down so Anna went over and laid next to her.

Can I drink out of a bowl, too?

This past Friday, we went to the zoo with Maddie.

Checking out the puma.

Looking like a big kid.

Maddie, not even a toddler anymore.

Back home, we moms were tuckered out but the girls thought they'd just go for a spin around town.

While we were at the zoo, Dad had the whole day off to play in a golf tournament with some friends. He had a great time. He had some lobster tail dinner there so Anna and I had Pizza Hut with our friend Jenn. Dad definitely missed out.
After the tournament, our good friends, M&T Lair pulled into town and we had a good time catching up with them.
Then Saturday morning, we left the house at 9AM for a wedding downtown. Here's Anna and her good friend Allegra coloring at the kid's table.

And here we all are outside the reception....all four of us.

Yes, that's right. That belly's not (just) from Cinnabon...we're having another baby! We are 13 weeks along and enjoying that sweet second trimester bliss. =) So, yep, we are excited. This baby should be coming late April, early May. The "due date" is April 28th, but I'm guessing it will be May.

Anyway, more on baby later. To finish out the updating. We left the reception early to meet up with my dad and little bro Rob in MD. They flew up to meet Chris and his brother for the Ravens vs Rams football game. So, went with them to ESPN Zone and had a lot more fun than I thought possible at an arcade. You can call me queen of waverider. Then walking around the Inner Harbor, we ran into Mav, one of Chris' best buds from GCC. Then dinner, then met up with all the rest of the Schwartzes. Then Mom and Anna passed out for the night. Church in the morning at 8:30, KRISPY KREME my love, dropped Chris off with my dad and Rob, NFL time for the boys. My camera battery died so I only have a couple pictures. =( And blogger won't let me load more pictures, so I'll post this and try to put up pics later.


  1. Maddie seeing your pictures:
    "Aah-na. Miii-sy."
    And lots of laughs. She loves you guys. (And me too :)

  2. Love the pictures! Congratulations too! I had read that in the communique but didn't want to congratulate you online til it was public. Wow, what's in the water up there!? :o) And Yum....Krispy Kreme....

  3. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I am loving your blog and watching Anna grow. Congrats to you two! Never a dull moment in your household soon.
    Terry (and Dave)

  4. So excited to see that you are pregnant too!!! Congrats! You look wonderful! My due date is 18 March and we just found out this week that the baby is a little girl! So if you guys have a little boy than we will be even - one boy and one girl each! I'm so excited for you! Tell Chris we said Congrats!