Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So, here are the few pictures from football weekend.

Goofing off with Uncle Rob.

Me and my Grandpa.

Off to the game.

This past Friday I had another OB appt. This time I took Anna with me and it went okay...we waited over an hour though. By the end, well into supposed-to-be-napping-time, I was taking Anna's BP and letting her play with the office equipment to keep her semi-quiet. It was fun to have her there though when we did finally see our doc. This was the first she had seen Anna since she discharged us from the hospital in August 06. We heard our little baby's heart beat- nice and strong =)-and the doc held the speaker to Anna's ear so she could listen too. We are scheduled to have an ultrasound the day before Thanksgiving and we're thinking we are going to find out this baby's gender...I don't know though. I keep chickening out. I liked being surprised when we had Anna. But I think that if we do have a little boy, Anna's baby wardrobe will be entirely too pink for him. Hmm.


  1. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Melissa Ann Schwartz!!!!!!! Don't you dare look to see if the baby is a boy or girl! OR ELSE :)
    Love Katie

  2. Howabout if we find out, we just don't tell you. Then it will still be a surprise for you.