Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deep Thoughts on Decision 2008:

The Democrats are all communists. They want to redistribute wealth and expand the federal government's power to "give" us healthcare. Most people (Rs and Ds) seem to have a low level of trust when comes to government. Why in the world would anyone trust them to administer our healthcare?
They also want to tax the big bad oil companies. Last I checked it wasn't the oil companies who didn't want to drill for oil within these great 50 states. Instead it's the EPA who won't let them drill or build new refineries.

One question: Hillary says she has 35 years of experience. Can anybody out there think of ONE thing she actually accomplished in those "35 years"?

The Republicans aren't much better. They are all talk. At least Ron Paul has the right ideology. The only problem with him is that I haven't heard him once detail a single plan of how he would actually implement his ideology. The rest of them talk about how they are just like Ronald Reagan when really, none of them are. I don't get it, if the Rs know that Reagan was the best conservative President possibly in history why do they refuse to actually practice his policies.

Secure our borders. Win the war on terror. Lower taxes (reform the entire system). And STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY! That's all we want.


  1. Ok, Chris, you know the drill. You have to post something cute when you go political. It's only fair!
    Chris did write that, didn't he? I don't think Anna has that many thoughts on the 2008 vote yet.

  2. Ah yes, that would be Chris.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Dearest - Are you calling your father a communist?
    Love, Your mother

  4. Perhaps I should rephrase that to "democrat candidates." I do believe there are good democrats out there. But there are also very bad ones and Hillary is their commander-in-chief.

  5. Anonymous3:04 PM

    And why would we even consider someone who will not say the pledge or someone who pratices a religion where they must kill infidels to reach their version of heaven.
    Love Aunt Katie

  6. I guess "your mother" is Meredith! If he's a communist, then Andrew and I must be too. LOOK OUT! We're gonna getcha!

  7. esimms6:56 PM

    Okay so I don't have your email address....but I just got an prayer chain update through the mail. I grew up in Anne Arundel County!! My parents are still in Annapolis...what part?? Email me the details Missy. Use simmons615[at]mac[dot]com.

  8. I agree RP has some of the better ideas and seems to want to hold up the Constitution and actually will answer most questions directly rather than make up some answer that means nothing but uses cool words. The problem is I am not sure how he plans on implementing anything as you mentioned, especially reverting back towards hard money which I am not sure is a good idea as it would eliminate a tool to control economic fluctuations. Perhaps it has been misused but doesn't mean it can't be used well.

  9. Agreed Nick. One more problem is he wants to reform the tax code. That I agree with. However when pressed to explain what he thinks would be a better system his response was "anything would be better." He wants to abolish the IRS (sounds great to me) and establish a new equal system, but HOW??