Thursday, January 17, 2008

One more thing before dinner:
Last night, Chris and I were chatting and I mentioned how the last move was kind of stressful and how at the end I was crying and he was frustrated. This was at 1AM the night before we moved as we were trying to make the new place sanitary and move one very unsanitary fridge into a spider-ridden basement...ugh. Anyway, so I was saying how I wanted to keep things as stress-free as possible this time and hopefully this move would be marriage strengthening.

Twenty minutes later, I absently turn my ring with my thumb, like I always do...but it doesn't feel like it always does. I look down and see my engagement ring, but no wedding ring! I LOST MY WEDDING RING!!! Oh no. Pit in the stomach. Definitely NOT marriage building.

To make it short, because Anna is saying "Wan wan wan wan" and I assume it's dinner she wants, after going through everything I had touched in the past hour, including Anna's wet diaper out of the trash (thank you Chris), I found it at the bottom of a box I had packed. (I had a feeling it was in there because that was the only box with packing peanuts which make a big mess) But whew!


  1. What order are the rings placed on your finger? Not sure of the fashion implications of switching or if it is illegal amongst women to have them on in reverse order.

  2. The engagement ring, then the wedding band. I guess I could switch them, but I like having the sparkly diamond row in front of the solitaire. More bling that way you know. JK. I think my wedding band is slightly smaller than the engagement one.

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    hey i'm glad you found your ring. man, i can imaging looking through everything to find something. hey i did that last night. i had lost my retainer. well anyways it snowed again in Ga and we got about an inch or so. the kids made a snowman and the dogs ate the carot and then mauled the snowman and me. :)
    love aunt katie