Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Okay okay, for those of you who hate political posts I owe you one. And this is a pretty good one I think...

It was snowing pretty heavily for about an hour today and Anna just had to get outside.

So dad took advantage of the photo op.
I tried to teach her to stick her tongue out, but it didn't happen. We did work on saying "snow" though. Since she mastered "no" about 3 months ago, I figured that putting an "s" in front wouldn't be too difficult. Well I think I got something like an "sn" once or twice. No vowels, but we'll get there. I mean Einstein didn't conquer relativity in one day.

She did have fun walking around the driveway for a while. She particularly enjoyed facing the snow so that it would blow into her face. After a while though she wanted to just be held. Here is the turning point...

So now daddy just had to hold her so she could enjoy the snow. And who got their way when daddy got cold and wanted to come inside? That's right the 16-month-old. So we stayed outside a while longer, but finally dad had enough.


  1. Whew! I feel better already, thanks for the dose of cuteness!

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    not that i don't like the pictures of anna because i do but the politcal post had some good points it. well on a more wintery point it snowed in Ga so we are all hoping that we won't have school. love aunt katie