Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Okay, back to what I was saying. Christmas in Georgia.
Christmas dinner- boy did Anna pack it in. She sat on Dad's lap with her own plate to her left and Dad's plate to her right. She's a double fisted eater. She gained a pound in GA on turkey, stuffing and gravy.
It was nice to have a couple more days after Christmas to just hang out and enjoy being around my fam. Chris enjoyed the pool table, football on the flatscreen, kickball, rocket launching and video games, but the old wood Brio trainset my mom had out for the kids occupied most of his time actually.
We had some girly bonding time over foot treatments and trying Katie's bare mineral make-up. It was a good time and it flew by.
We came back to Baltimore Thursday night, stayed up way too late watching Band of Bro's with a couple of friends, and got up way too early with Anna. We spent Friday afternoon with Great Grandmom.

Out for a spin in Grandmom's walker.

That evening we had dinner with college friends and decided we were too tired to drive back to Philly. So we drove home Saturday, unpacked, had a restful Sunday and de-holidayed the house Monday. Everytime we come home from a trip, Anna goes straight to her room and looks through books for an hour. Maybe checking to make sure she still has the story straight? I guess she misses her books.

So, sew. I turned on the norse giant last night. It has a needle threader that blows my mind. I threaded the needle four times and made Chris come watch too. I tried out some of the different stitches and sewed a couple seams. I want to do a little project, but I don't know what. Any ideas?? I'm going to go to the library and check out their sewing books.
And in scrapbooking- it turns out my sister-in-law is an expert! How could we have never talked about it before? I'll be calling you little lady.

Oh, other news too. Monday we had another ultrasound. Our tech was a little inexperienced so the baby is still probably a girl. Chris and I are pretty sure that it's a girl. Names names? We have zero. Also, the US showed me to still have placenta previa. We'll go for another next month to see if there is any movement, but the studies I've read show there is about a 25% chance for it to move at this point. I'm steeling myself for the c-section and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised if the placenta actually does move. The great news is the baby is happy and healthy and that's what we care about. I'll just wear my midriffs now...or not.

Well, in the midst of writing this blog, we were visited by our good friends Sam and Deb from GCC. They happened to be in the area so stopped by for milk and cookies and Scrabble. It was nice to see them and get pulverized in scrabble.

I think that's all for now.


  1. Yeah, Scrapbooking "Expert" here. Pennsylvania, we have a problem. Dull cutting blades and a shortage on adhesive dots! Ahhh!!!
    If you do call me, call after 4ish. Or, I can call you! Oh, that places I have to go tomorrow!
    Love, A
    Man, my blog is blah.

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Cool you got to actually she that huge shark man thats amazing Missy I wish I could have been on that ship with you guys that looks really scary though and Mom and Pop probaly won't let me.