Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Next week is poised to be one of the busiest of this year, aside from moving or having baby, as it holds a little girl's birthday, an anniversary, a Raven's NFL game, and a trip to Ohio. So, to gather steam we started this week off with Sonja getting sick. That's sarcasm. Anna's joined her and I'm not going to kid myself that Chris and I will avoid it. We'll probably hold out and get sick smack in the middle of next week. And that's pessimism.

Anyway, little Sonja started out Friday with a tiny bit of congestion in the morning that turned into bronchiolitis by Sunday. We took her to the doc, they set her up with a nebulizer and that cleared up her wheezing. They sent us home with a compressor so we could do the treatments and so far she's only needed it twice. We have a follow up tomorrow morning and hopefully her lungs will still be clear. Meanwhile, Anna's taken a cough and fever so the doc can check her out too. I hate when my kids are sick; my brain gets glazed over.

Other than that, China has way too many golds. It's getting ridiculous.

And one cute thing Anna said today- flipping through her Bible story book she came to Noah and the ark. "That's Iowa. Iowa built New York." Are we over-emphasizing geography?

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  1. Missy I am sorry to hear that your babies are sick. I understand! My little ones are sick as well and I hate it! They don't seem to be as bad as yours, no fevers for us as of yet. Hope you all make it through and have a great week.