Saturday, August 16, 2008

Since the Olympic Games began, we've been staying up pretty late watching mostly swimming and gymnastics. It's been great to have four hours with Chris each night after the kiddos are asleep, but after a week of short nights the house was not the better for it. So this morning we had an agenda and it wasn't to watch the Redeem Team, (though that still happened).
Having Chris home makes a big difference for me when it comes to chores. I have a hard time staying motivated to get everything done when I get interrupted ten times before I get anything done. I believe this is common among moms. Anyway, Sonja napped most of the morning; Anna tackled her dad and I the laundry.
After the house was done, and Anna's nap forgone...not the best scenerio...we met up with friends at a state park for a bbq. Despite Anna's precarious mood, we all had a lot of fun. I played frisbee for the first time since Anna was born I think. And Anna learned how to blow bubbles by herself. She touched the wand a little too close to her mouth and after several loads of bubble solution, she was spouting bubbles independent of wands. Here are pictures of her bubble ventures:

Check out that headband. She does her own hairstyles when it comes to headbands- "Mama not fix it!"
I love this one: Tennis anyone?

And Sonja too.

That's it for now. Back to NBC.

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  1. I see parallels between our son Tom (now 41) and Anna for their age. Tom was beginning to put together puzzles and was good with the frisbee. Hard to believe she isn't two already (though getting close).