Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Okay bambino is down and Anna is "doing jobs". (I cut little cloths for her to dust with so she's cleaning away.) Rather than using this precious time to take a shower, here I am putting up pictures. This is dedication. Or guilt. It's been a couple weeks since I posted?
So Saturday we split this family up into three states. Dad was in DE for guy time, Anna was here in MD with her grandparents at the county fair, and Sonja and I were hitting up the outlets in PA.
These pictures are from Oma's camera:

This is Anna in the seat that was put out for Sonja with the book that was bought for Daddy and Sonja watching the movie that was put on for Anna.

Sonja rocking out.

We are really encouraging Anna to be productive. First thing in the morning, she's tending to the sis.

Then on to laundry.

And putting away toys, while toting the baby.

Then I have pictures of her making pizza for dinner, but we had to take her shirt off for that process.
And finally, a workout with Dad before bedtime.

That's the line up. Anna says it's time to play with her now.


  1. Busy Anna!
    I thought you should know, a storm came through your house and spread the United States all over your rug.
    She's growing so fast, and Sonja is changing too fast for me!
    See you Saturday!

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I remember when she was fistr saying duck and now she's playing with them. She'll have to come to my ranch in MT where there may be 15-30 puppies, 2 foals, 3 calves and 7 kittens at one time. I'll also have about ten chicks and now I'm going to add ducklings.