Tuesday, August 12, 2008

These nesting dolls were a Christmas present, but with the move they ended up in a drawer and didn't emerge until yesterday. Anna is delighted. She stacks one inside the other, shakes it martini style. She puts all the halves together and makes them chat with each other. She hides the baby one under the other halves so I can guess where it is. We're having fun with these.

And Sonja likes watching too.

I can't believe it, but she's four months old today. Time flies too fast. She's settled into a two nap schedule; no longer a sleep all day infant. She is MOVING PLACES. Scooting herself along with her feet both on her belly and on her back. She stays pretty stationary though so long as Anna is close by. As soon as Anna walks out of the room, Sonja starts scooting. Already insisting on 'coming too' I guess. It's sweet to watch how fascinated she is with Anna.

Speaking of, we just put Anna to bed and when Chris gave her a hug goodnight, she said "Thanks for coming over, Daddy." Well thanks for having him, Anna.

Okay, time to stay up way too late watching Olympics...

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  1. It's fun to watch what Anna is doing and little sis keeping an eye on her.

    I guess you make sure all the little tiny things don't get too near Sonja. One of the little guys at Hillcrest was making strange noises when he breathed. The family doctor was treating it as a respiratory problem for several months. Susequently on a trip to Children's Hospital they found that Calvin had a penny and a bandaid in his windpipe.