Saturday, August 08, 2009

Chris had to work today so the gals and I skipped Sonja's nap and spent the morning running errands- including a $1.23 Joann's run- and then stopped by Dad's work to take him lunch and the customary high fives. We came home and Sonja took a 4 1/2 hour nap, (If this is what life without morning nap will be everyday, I would be elated) and I "baked" with felt and beads:
Aren't these fun??

And $1.23 makes an even dozen. =)


  1. yes, they are fun!! i'd take some off your hands! :)

  2. YOU REALLY REALLY ROCK! Stop putting me and my "design" blog to shame! :) I love how you photographed them on a cookie sheet in the first shot -- or at least it looks like a cookie sheet.

    They really are SO preciously cute!

  3. You need your own magazine. Seriously. MS has nothing on you!

    I think this is finally one of your projects that I *might* be able to do! REALLY cute!

  4. Oh my stinking word. I need to make those for ladybug :)

    I agree with lynn, who needs Martha when you have Missy?

  5. Delish! Are they for a certain someone's certain play kitchen?

  6. Indeed they are. =) This birthday is going to be very "domestic."