Friday, August 28, 2009

Two Saturdays ago, we were making ready to join the beach bound traffic when a few fire engines pulled up. Our neighbor's alarm was sounding simply to make Saturday morning eventful- there was no smoke, no fire, no CO, nothing but irrate nieghbors. Not us though, largely due to Chris' morning run to dunkin' d, but also because Anna loves her some fire truck.

Anna could have chatted in the truck for hours, but inside Sonja was clearly ready to be in water:

We waved goodbye to our friendly fire folk, loaded the girls and embarked for Fenwick Island. Anna and Sonja stopped off in Nod, making it a quick pleasant trip for everyone.
Oma arrived a couple minutes after we did and the pool was immediately visited.

After a while, I enjoyed a book poolside and was joined by this bathing beauty:

The next morning we were at the beach:
Sonja preferred frisbee, and anything else, to going near the water.

At least this time she didn't hate the sand too...

...thanks, Daddy.

I puzzled over the Times and Sonja inhaled fruit snacks.

Ever socialable, Anna found some little friends to play with so most of our pictures of her from that day were on zoom.

Another day at the beach- Anna's friends were not there so we have some in focus shots.

Lunch on the beach.

(Short lived) nap on the beach.

Sonja applauding for....


More soon!


  1. Looks like a great, great vacation! I wish josiebean could play with your girls :)

    Are you sure those were dolphins?

  2. At first some people were screaming "shark!" but I think that is just what you do when you see a fin coming out of water. But there was a whole group, pod?, jumping out of the water Flipper style so they were definitely dolphins. Or porpoises. But not sharks.

  3. Okay, is Anna really three? She's so tiny (and adorable!)! I thought she was Sonja in one picture. :) And I love the picture of Sonja and Chris. Glad you had a fun time.

  4. Anonymous3:59 PM

    She's my mini-me alright. I hate getting in the water and how many oictures of us kids wearing the yellow baby float do you think we have.
    love Aunt katie

  5. Love it! The pictures of the girls are too cute! So glad you had a great vacation!