Thursday, August 13, 2009

We went to Howard County's fair last night with Chris' parents. The girls had a wonderful time and we came home with more fish than I've ever wanted.
First we visited the Children's Barn:



Anna got to ride a cow, albeit backwards. =)

Both girls got to ride horses, albeit plastic ones.

The Fair-ness doctrine: Every child should be entitled to a corndog.


Sonja hanging out on the Rescue Boat.

Chris wanted to win a huge stuffed animal for the girls. He made two shots in a row, despite the very elliptical rim and the the carni's staredown.

Anna with the bounty, a 4ft clownfish.

Thanks Oma and Opa for a fun time at the fair!


  1. Nice work Chris! I would not have been happy about that fish in my house however :( good luck with that Missy! and what a cool wagon!

  2. Ahh...memories! That is the fair that I grew up going to. Makes me a bit homesick! Looks like the girls had a good time! :)

  3. No problem on the Amy Butler tip! :) I hope that I can afford the rug that I want!
    My mom bought me a sewing machine for my birthday so I am all set to go. I plan to do quilts, home decor, etc. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with it! You should post pictures of your projects - I'm glad that you are having fun with it!

  4. That carni really didn't want to give up the giant fish. Quite a look!

    Fairs are so much fun. Adeline LOVES the corn. She could play there all day.