Sunday, August 30, 2009

A couple of days ago, the girls and I made a run over to the post office. Anna most always brings a dolly or stuffed animal wherever we go and that day brought her dolly. We stepped into an empty post office and went right up to the counter. Before I finished paying there were 6 or 7 people in line. I knew Anna was right next to me, but I never really looked at her. The people in line were smiling at us when we headed for the door, but people usually smile at little kids. So we walk out and Anna is right beside me but I guess I still hadn't really looked at her. She stops at the edge of the sidewalk to jump off and I turn around to watch.

And I see blue underwear.

The first thing through my head is, "Oh no, did I not put shorts on her? Did I just take her to the post office without pants on?! Have I really lost it?" But then I realize I had put her in a dress, which she had pulled clear to her armpits in order to "nurse" her dolly. Then I remembered how in the car she had been chatting away about her doll needing to nurse, etc. Cue discussion on nursing discretely as a 3 year old.
All those smiling people...


  1. Hehe.... that is so sweet!

  2. Oh Missy you need to make her a cover up thingy to take out.

    She is so cute!

  3. not to hog the comments or anything but also I love that look she is giving you like, Um, tryin' to nurse here, people.

    Maybe I misinterpret...

  4. Anonymous9:39 PM

    well at least she isn't having puppies
    love aunt katie

  5. seriously funny! I would have been been one of those smiling people :)
    William takes dirt bikes wherever we go.

  6. Geezy pie- nothing gets past her!
    Andrew and I will be on our best behavior this weekend! No 'sounds like a bad word' words...!

  7. I just KNOW that Rock is going to find this aspect of having a sibling very interesting... :)

  8. Hilarious! I was sure Adeline would provide lots of opportunities for posts like this after Camille was born, but she hasn't been as interested in nursing her babies as I thought she would. That picture is so stinkin' cute!