Sunday, August 02, 2009

Okay, to finish off July-
There has been a lot of Rita's:

The Saturday night of the softball tourney, we went to dinner with Chris' mom and our good friends the Thomases. (The Mrs. Thomas being approximately 41 1/2 weeks pregnant.) After dinner we went where else but Rita's, then put the girls to bed at Oma's and went over to the nearby Thomases' home. Megan and I chatted and then laughed for an hour watching the guys play Wii intensely. We left, picked up the sleeping girls and went home. The Thomases stayed up the rest of the night yielding:

Later that week, Chris left for an Alpha Charlie Reunion. Ten of his twelve best buds spent a long weekend at the beach in DE and he had a real good time.

The Saturday he was gone, the girls stayed with Oma and Opa while I spent the day in Lancaster with some gals. (PB Outlet, how I love thee....) That Sunday, Uncle Bill and Aunt Gloria came to visit, and the girls loved seeing them. And in the evenings, I kept busy making this for that cute baby above.

I could knit baby sweaters all the livelong day...
Sunday night, Chris came home and brought these guys too.

The most exciting news, to me, for July though: Anna has made the connection of putting the sounds letters make together to sound out words! She's not reading books or anything, but she can sound out and read three letter words. Since she realized the letters spell actual words, she's been asking nonstop, "What does cat (baby, ice, drink, refrigerator....) start with?" It's like she's just understood that you can spell anything with letters. A lightbulb moment.
Okay, that catches up through July. Whew.


  1. sarah moulton11:15 AM

    Thanks for the updates, we have missed you guys! I can't believe Anna is sounding out words. I can't even get William to sit down and focus long enough to tell him about that connection let alone him get it. There are a few pictures of Sonja where she looks a bit like Allie. It will be interesting someday to see them together.

  2. great to catch up on the blog.

    I think your little girlie is plumping up!

    Awesome sweater and sweet new baby up there.

    And hooray for light bulb moments, you are just at the tip of the iceberg, it just gets better.