Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anna's first time in the pool this summer:

She LOVED it. We were over at the Normans and Jonny's little nieces doted on Anna so sweetly. She was mighty reluctant to come out of that water. We are sure looking forward to the pool at the Nelsons this weekend! Anna especially.

Sonja's starting to sleep from 9-6AM, with one nursing at 11 when we go to bed, and I feel just dandy about that. Anytime I wake up and the hour digit is higher than 4, Zippedy-doo-dah rings out in my head. She goes back to sleep for the bulk of the morning too so I have a three hour stretch where we can run errands or I can spend time with just Anna. It is REALLY nice to feel like I can get things done again. I think every post-partum mama should refrain from evaluating life and the state of her home until she gets a decent night's sleep. That would really cut down on the despair, you know.

Anyways, these three are reading about a fierce bad rabbit. And that's one of Sonja's million dollar smiles.


  1. I love the way Anna is sitting in that bottom picture!
    Glad you're getting sleep!

  2. I thought at first that you got one of your pictures upside down then it dawned on me that you took it from the other side (head side).
    Just a senior moment.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Anna is just like Jenny. Jenny now begs to go to the library to get somemore books( she read all the ones we have out and I don't want to digg through storage to get more). Glasses, the hair, and now being a bookworm. Can't wait to see you guys in July.
    Love Aunt Katie