Monday, June 09, 2008

Memorial Weekend. We took a trip up to Philly for the weekend and stayed with some good friends from our church there. Anna had the best time living with the Liv's for a couple days. Six kids under seven made for a pleasantly chaotic scene. It was sad to take Anna back home though- for days she talked of nothing but Dema-REE, Chawlree, and Machen.
The Livs introduced Anna to orange juice and fake juice. Anna has OJ each morning now, but she's forgotten about the Capri Sun enough not to ask for that hourly. =)

Anna saw her dear friend Maddie again too. With that refresher, she asks for Maddie once again everytime we go to the mall. Here are those two cuties running around with corn.

And playing baseball.

Baseball and Charlie.

Dem, Maddie and Anna took a bath all together and there are some cute pics, but a little too much skin for the blog.
We had a great time. You Liv's will have to come down soon. And we'll catch you Kirklins in Ohio sometime!

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