Thursday, June 26, 2008

Great Grandpa came to visit last weekend. We did as we always do and took him for a stroll in the mall. And Anna went for a ride on the carousal.

We went to dinner down on the marina in Annapolis. The evening was gorgeous for dining on the deck and watching the sailboats. It was a fine time.

Saturday morning, we rubbed elbows with the locals at the best breakfast shop in town. Anna swiped a strawberry from Grandpa's belgian waffle while he supervised my crossword. Afterwards, we stopped at the park so Anna could run around and we could chat before Grandpa caught an afternoon flight back to Arizona.

We had a great time with him!

I took Sonja to her 2 month appt this past week as well. She is in the 95th percentile for length and 75th for weight. As you can see, she's making up for lost time. She's really been doing well. She is fascinated by Anna. We were just given a new rug (THANKS AGAIN!!) so the girls spend most of the day on that in the living room now. Sonja is content on the floor so long as Anna is close by playing. She likes being propped up on the boppy to get a good view.

One more thing: aren't these pictures similar?

The one on the right is Anna. =)


  1. 1. HI!
    2. In the pic of the 3 bears reading on the floor, I did a double take on Sonja cause my eyes thought she was Anna, but Anna was on the other side of Chris. (no worries, new glasses are due on my face next week.)
    3. I love the new rug and is that a new pillow you made? Snazzy!
    4. Those last 2 pics (Sonja compared to Anna) make me smile. They sure are sisters!
    5. BYE!

  2. Hi,

    You said something about Anna going on a carousal. The definition of that word is:
    ca·rous·al (k-rouzl)
    1. A riotous drinking party.
    2. Boisterous drunken merrymaking or revelry.

    I think you should be ashamed :-)

  3. Yikes! I mean carousel, with an E! Not even two and she's being slandered online...

  4. Oh, I am soooo glad that is what you meant. I was hoping I wouldn't have to report you.:>)

    It is nice that they have a great-grandfather.

  5. Well, those are two adorable girls and you look so cute, too! Love the living room, that is a very pretty rug. The girls do look so alike!

  6. Cute pics! I know exactly where you were in Annapolis! Wish we were close enough to stroll in downtown Annapolis by the water with y'all!!