Monday, June 09, 2008

Wednesday last week, we woke up from naps to a darkened sky. Anna, Sonja and I huddled together on Anna's bed to watch the storm slash through our neighborhood. Then this happened, though we couldn't see it from our window, and the electricity went out.

The storm blew past and Chris came home right afterwards. He took Anna to go see the firehouse pickup truck at the tree. She loves firetrucks.

The fellows there said the fallen lines caused a fire further down at the transformer site so it would be awhile before the power was back up. So, being acclimatized to central AC and all, we took advantage of obliging grandparents and stayed the night with Chris' parents. Thanks again for your cool hospitality!


  1. See?? Exciting Ohio weather right at your door! We had some nasty thunder from that storm last Tuesday night, I was waiting for the tornado sirens when the big boomers hit at 3am.
    Glad everyone is OK, and Anna's legs are almost long enough to reach those pedals!

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I undersand. I finished work and looked out side and the sky was lightened up with an electric storm. The whole way home all I thought was that this is the perfect tornado weather, and it was just Beth and I as we drove home in the little blue car. And no curious george and the man in the big yellow hat were not there.
    love aunt Katie